What is one thing that stresses you out the most about wedding planning?

Well I my self am planning my own wedding right now! I find catering to be the most stressful part of planning my wedding. What is everyone going to eat! I love to eat. Lets face I love food in general. So satisfying me and my husband to be was no problem at all. What about the guest? Do we serve more than one main meal? What sides? Where do we start? The best part is our wedding is in NC and we live in SC. To this day I still have no caterer and we are five months away. I'm the designer and creator! Not the chef. We had a BBQ place and then they stop returning our phone calls. So we are back at square one with the food! But we have a lavish reception hall and lighting and a DJ, even a cake! lol. So what would you do? How should we go about this?

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